StoriLabs System Technologies is a Bangalore based product company founded by a group of industry experts in 2014. The company has developed a software platform called E-Store for retail sector, which helps retailers to establish their own online market. This platform eases retailers’ job to adapt latest technologies for their business growth. StoriLabs also offers a B2B product, called StoriMart, which helps warehouse operators and wholesale businesses to manage their product distribution through smart phone apps. StoriLabs has developed a plug-in for Microsoft Office, that helps web campaign companies to handle AdWords and Analytics data through MS Excel. We are a Microsoft BizSpark member. Also, we are an approved member of IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. StoriLabs have Collaboration with National Institute of Technology, Calicut for product development R&D

Bringing Technology to Traditional Retail Industry


Those who converted to online business from traditional make huge growth. StoriCart arming traditional retailers by providing free tools to convert the business to online world.

Strengthening Traditional Retailers to Compete with Market Giants

The e-commerce behemoth is arming itself. New tactics, new friends and a hefty war chest mean that the old defenses insulating traditional retailers are no longer enough.


Our Clients


  • e-store from StoriLabs is quality and user friendly suit of tools that represents "Swiss Quality". Our satisfaction for the product is absolute as it has helped us achieve our defined goals. It's not just e-store that StoriLabs provide us with. They also provide top notch customer support and thorough knowledge in e-marketing. Its our pride to be a solution partner of StoriLabs in Europe.

    Mr. Bayram EWA Solutions Switzerland