About us


StoriLabs System Technologies is a Bangalore based product company founded by a group of industry experts in 2014. The company has developed a software platform called E-Store for retail sector, which helps retailers to establish their own online market. This platform eases retailers’ job to adapt latest technologies for their business growth. StoriLabs also offers a B2B product, called StoriMart, which helps warehouse operators and wholesale businesses to manage their product distribution through smart phone apps. StoriLabs has developed a plug-in for Microsoft Office, that helps web campaign companies to handle AdWords and Analytics data through MS Excel. We are a Microsoft BizSpark member. Also, we are an approved member of IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. StoriLabs have Collaboration with National Institute of Technology, Calicut for product development R&D

StoriLabs core potentials are passionate, Enthusiastic, highly qualified and experienced developers. As a team, they are able to develop and deliver future proof solutions. StoriLabs believes in Quality and team take the development into heart hence able deliver solutions at highest potential. StoriLabs has developed a software platform called E-store for retail sector which helps retailers to establish their online market exclusively. StoriLabs future proof product for B2B is StoriMart. Which enable warehouse operators and retailers an easy order management through smart phones. With companies like EWA from Switzerland, Chemex from UAE StoriLabs has put our hand together worldwide. StoriLabs develop products and render service around the globe and put hand together build strong partnership from Indian market as well as Europe and middle east.

We are a company in TBI at National Institute of Technology Calicut.

Technology Business Incubator (TBI) offers consultancy, business facilitation, training and infrastructure in association with NIT Calicut to the associated companies.

Participating International Trade Shows

STORILABS participated national and international exhibitions as a technology company since its incorporation. STORILABS interacted with customers across the globe through this exhibitions. Latest participation was at Dubai Word Trade centre B2B trade show in association with CHEMEX chemical and hygiene products.