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A comprehensive e-commerce platform built on Java technologies, e-Store is your way to expand your business to the virtual world and thus, into your customers’ homes with minimal cost and effort. e-store helps you to connect directly to customers through apps and web interfaces which will ensure that your customers stay updated about their favourite products even without visiting the store. By push notifications and messages, you can enhance communication with them, helping you serve regular customers better and also to usher in new customers. Overall, e-Store is a platform to build your Online store with all advanced features of e-Commerce. It has all the features, which a modern electronic commerce demands.

Customers can shop at any time, any day

Orders can be monitored for quality assessment

Reach to your customers through push notifications

Offers and sales can be intimated to loyal customers

Proper order tracking system for customer and retailer

Economical and easiest way to expand business

The Tools

  • Shopping App (Android / iOS)
    A unique shopping app that is easy to use and will additionally help customers stay updated about offers and sales. Customers can add desired items, listed under categories, to their cart at different times of the day and buy them right then or later, as per their wish.

  • Order Manager App (Android)
    This app, exclusively for store managers and salespeople, helps to manage and deliver customer orders. The App’s unique features include status update of orders, out-of-stock notifications to customers, customer calling, order rejection etc.

  • Order Web App
    This mobile friendly version of the order manager helps store managers to monitor order tracking and history from anywhere.

  • Order Manager Desktop
    A desktop software to monitor orders that will be installed in the store computer. Order history can be viewed offline here.

  • Catalogue Listing Web App
    This mobile-friendly web software helps to manage the entire product list. Products can be categorised under various labels and updated in terms of availability and discounts. Uploading product list is only a matter of seconds and also has features like image uploads, price and offer management. Store managers can declare seasonal or occasional sales through the catalogue, which will reach customers through the app.

  • Monitoring Web App
    An easy way for managers to track and monitor consolidated offers from various stores on a single screen, thus helping to assess the quality of order management.

  • Responsive e-commerce Web
    An e-commerce website which will feature different stores based on location. Users can search for stores and products and buy online.

  • Online Payment Integration
    If needed, online payment can be integrated into the various platforms. This feature is convenient to store keepers and customers alike.