Worried about the e-commerce plugins, try StoriCart marketplace

Storicart is a plugin-free marketplace platform. Plugins are an irritant that each time when a plugin provider updates, the entire system will have to face the risk of compatibility and security. If any of the plugins, mostly there will be more than 10 plugins required to set up a marketplace in Magento or Shopify or similar platforms, shows compatibility issues during the update then the entire system will fall into trouble. Qualification round after the plugin updates will be another time-consuming headache task. Doing business with ten companies or providers for a marketplace is not a good deal. If any customization required, the compatibility with the existing system will be an obstacle. The different cost structure and its procurement difficulties to multiple component/plugin providers will be a nightmare when your online marketplace grows up. So if you stand for a robust and customizable yet scalable model, don’t go with Shopify or Magento kind of models.

Storicart is plugin-free architecture, and it works as a single entity. It works in clouds and customer don’t need to worry about the system requirements or regular hardware updates. It is developed using Java, and consistent performance and stability ensured. There is a very experienced team to handle your custom requirement.
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