Order Management System

Exclusive order fulfillment software based on cloud for E-Commerce Order processing and logistic planning

Order Fulfillment Software for E-Commerce

This Order Management System from Storilabs is an exclusive order fulfillment system that can be integrated with most major E-Commerce companies like Shopify, AliExpress, Oberlo and more.
This system can be custom-built to handle and manage orders made from their respective marketplaces. OMS is also integrated with delivery channels like DHL and more. These integrations complete the order flow for the store managers and sales executive that can handle all orders/quotes from the customers.

Product Features

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Subscription model

Order fulfillment software supports Subscription model E-Commerce and, is built using the latest technologies including Java and Angular.


Scalable and agile to accommodate sales from multi-channel marketplaces. The application is proven for Online kitchen, Online fashion, Online Supermarkets etc

Order Management

Store managers and sales executive can handle all orders / quotes from the marketplace.


Integratable with DHL /Royal Mail /FedEx or other delivery service provider systems.

Order Management

Option for automated uploading of orders to delivery channel at the time specified by the customer.

Labeling and Grouping

Labeling and grouping of orders for easy identification and prioritized fulfillment.

Export Data

Customized excel downloads for orders. Option to download data for uploading to corresponding delivery channels.


Reports and dashboards to view summary statistics of sales.

Start serving your Customers Today

Approve and dispatch orders for your marketplace.

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