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Storilabs offers the full spectrum of services to help our clients work better, be efficient and become unique. It can be through implementation, integration, optimization or customization - the company does not turn its focus away.

What we offer!

Storilabs understands that clients are of varying requirements and are running their own strategies and processes which makes their business and offering unique and most valuable. So, instead of giving a standard product, Storilabs offers to work with them very closely, understands their business model, engages with them to identify the potential areas of improvement, conducts research to come up with unique proposals, makes required customizations and provides best services to achieve their goals and makes the collaboration most successful.


Fully automated easy to deploy marketplace platform for B2B and B2C segments<br />


Responsive design with optimised views for mobile / tablet components

GPS Aggregation

Vendor selection made simple for customer based on geo-location of warehouse

Order Management

Store managers and sales executive can handle all orders / quotes from the marketplace

Multiple Catalog Support

Easy handling and set up of multiple catalogs via Excel upload

ERP Integration

Warehouse Inventory can be easily integrated with most existing ERP solutions


Fully customizable dashboard to show summary statistics and sales from warehouse

Solr Search

Search from multiple categories / sub-categories / product lists / warehouse users / delivery users easily


Scalable to support large volumes of orders / catalog products


High performance handling.


Integratable with DHL /Royal Mail /FedEx or other delivery service provider systems

Tax Set up

Ready to handle intricate EU / MENA tax laws

Push Notifications

Vendors can reach out to Customers to inform / update about their order. Customers receive regular updates on the status of their order.

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We provide modifications and additional services to meet your E-Commerce marketplace needs.