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STORILABS formed by a group of industry experts who are passionate about product engineering and innovation.

We design and engineer product ideas from vision to reality. The team behind STORILABS have global experience and has operations in Asia and Europe. STORILABS team members involved in many large-scale project implementation as part of their past organizations. Our international exposure and expertise are the strength of the company. The skill in hardware, firmware and software stack makes STORILABS a complete solution provider.

Our customers are happy with our consciousness in quality and vigilance in delivery. We are orchestrating the support process with the dedicated team and with using the online tools. Service level agreements will be signed with customers to ensure seamless confidence

We do engineering in Firmware, Embedded systems, Smartphone Apps,  Cloud technology, e-Commerce and Big data analytics.


E-Commerce implementation is not just installing any freely available online platform. Its a blend of art and knowledge execute by an expert team.  STORILABS has 15 years experience in E-Commerce of both B2B and B2C. STORILABS implements E-Commerce systems with Storicart platform as well as other commercial software platforms. 

Scientific Data Analyzer

Until the mid-20th century, most chemical compounds were distinguished from one another largely on the basis of simple physical and chemical properties. To determine the presence of a compound in a sample, the user had to do the various chemical and physical tests based on these properties, which were arduous and error-prone tasks.

Spectroscopy is a branch of analysis that can provide information on the chemical composition and confirmation of the samples. With the invention of spectroscopic techniques, it has now become an effortless task to accurately determine the presence of a chemical compound in samples of any kind. There are many tools used for spectroscopic analysis. But the Spectroscopic Analysis tools provide results which are often difficult for the common users to decipher and understand. The output data from the tools, sometimes, need to be processed again to get the final result of the analysis.

Spectrum Analysis application provides an online platform for analyzing the chemical compounds present in a sample. The application integrates the Spectroscopic Analysis tool and the processing software to get comprehensible results.

The data from the Spectral Analysis tool is uploaded into the application.The user can select the compounds that need to be analyzed and provide a few details of the analysis tool. After the process, he can view the concentration of the chemical compounds present in the sample. The application gives the tabular view and graphical view of the result of the analysis. The user can download the tabular result as excel file and the graphical result as an image file.

The user can analyze the data from any remote area, as long as the tool is connected to the internet. This is of particular advantage in industries like petroleum where the analyzer tool can be kept in remote stations.

The graphical representation helps the user to understand the presence/absence of a compound with a quick glance at the figures. The user can view the spectrum validation and absorbance graphs for measurements taken at different time intervals.



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Scientific Data Analyzer

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