Make your own B2B Marketplace with Multi-Vendor Multi-Location features

StoriCart B2B is an all-inclusive technology platform that enables B2B business owners or wholesalers or distributors to set up and manage their own online multi-vendor marketplaces. This cloud-friendly platform supports almost all types of businesses that focus on bringing B2B users or retailers together under one roof to buy, sell, or trade almost any type of product or service. The platform offers RFQ(Request for Quote), Customer specific pricing, Online price management, B2B Cart, Unlimited product categorization, Vendor registration, Vendor specific catalogs, catalog merging, seasonal catalog and many more

Highly customizable Marketplace to meet your expectation.

  • Manual operations in wholesale business put immense pressure on the wholesalers to be correct in all details of their work, the reality being that people are not perfect, however much everyone wishes to be.

  • B2B pricing is fluctuating and market dependent. StoriCart have a unique feature to manage the custom pricing for each registered customer. Customers can Request a Quote for a particular product using this portal. 

  • Reporting and maintaining a track of orders is a time-consuming process and often expensive. Moreover, whenever a mistake happens, corrections need to be completely redone rather than simply updating.

  • Storicart makes B2B marketplace business model very easy and secure. Communications like RFQ, MOQ, and Ordering are easy and safe for Vendors and customers.

Secure and scalable, StoriCart includes the technology and support services to give both sellers and their customers a new, more rewarding way to trade and interact online. With StoriCart you can plan, build and host your B2B marketplace in no time. It supports Multiple Vendors, Multiple locations and any number of retail customers. Generate marketplace pages which are search engine optimized and friendly to major search engines, such as Google and Bing.

An easy access for customers on mobile as well as tablet devices making it easier for vendors and buyers to buy “on the go”. StoriCart B2B Marketplace is highly customizable. Customize your marketplace to look and feel like your brand, utilizing your existing logo and other brand identity elements.

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