STORIMART Order Management Software

Revolution in wholesaler life - Tailored solutions for your business

Built on REST APIs to quickly integrate with your existing software

Storimart is an innovative cloud-based software platform that enables seamless communication between wholesalers and retailers. We save time, cost and middle-men by integrating the latest technology and connecting your business directly with your clients. With the help of web, desktop & mobile applications we make sure you are in control and helps you grow your business. 

The applications ensures that your customers stay updated about their favorite products without having to visit the warehouse. Messaging & push notification will help you serve regular customers better as well as win new ones. With Storimart, there is nothing stopping you from giving the best experience to your clients. Last but not least, its a Creative technology for a future-proof distribution network.

Manual operations in wholesale business

The Traditional way of Business

Wholesale business has some serious procedures in traditional way of business. Order placements happens in many channels; Boring and time consuming follow ups like phone calls, personal meetings, Mailing, Excel file uploads, Even sending managers in personal and taking orders etc. more over once the order is been received it is very hard to handle the procedure until the consignment move from wholesalers warehouse to retailers place.

Improve the efficiency in your wholesale business

STORIMART way of business

When it is in STORIMART, all your dealers or customers or sales executives have exclusive access to the B2B commerce website or smartphone App. An order placement or request for a Quote is matter of seconds. No phone calls, no emails, no paper works; all channels are converged to computer. 
Orders from different channels will be received in a consolidated dashboard/order fulfilment system in warehouse/despatch section. An order can be approved or rejected. Only approved orders will be visible at sales desk. Managers have complete view on the ordering process. Customer can track his order immediately after his order placed. No follow up calls, no confusion hence no worries. 


Catalog Management with bulk uploading

Intuit Dashboard ,Reports and Filtering

Multi Vendor Marketplace

Push notifications and broadcast messages

Retailer contact directory with automatic updates

Rewards, Coupons and Offers

Order tracking for customer and wholesaler

Two way security for both wholesaler and retailer

Product listing with variants





An easy to use B2B ordering app that helps customers stay updated with new products and offers. Using this App, B2B ordering makes faster than ever

Catalog manager helps to create catalogs quickly by the registered product vendors. Let the vendors manage their catalog with a two-way secure channel. Products categorization, SKUs, in stock-out Stock, availability, labels, discounts etc can be easily managed. Uploading product images is easy. Vendors can have multiple catalogs created for seasonal sales.

An app for warehouse managers and salespeople, to manage the customer orders. The App’s features include status update of orders, out-of-stock notifications to customers, customer calling, order rejection etc.

Sales executives are smarter than ever using this app. This centrally managed app will give ease and security to wholesalers/stockists business. Business administrators can add or remove Sales executive’s access to the system in a matter seconds. It is safe and robust. 

Order and Quotation Management became a beautiful job with this cloud based software. This software comes up with the hierarchical approval of the order, RFQ aggregation, Price fixing to a customer etc.

An on-demand online payment solution is available with integration into various platforms. This feature is convenient for warehouse keepers and customers alike.