Storicart B2C Marketplace

Large scale B2C disintermediation Marketplace

Storicart B2C Marketplace

Storicart B2C is an all-inclusive technology platform that enables B2C business owners to set up and manage their own online marketplace. This cloud-friendly platform supports various types of businesses like retail chains, grocery stores , hardware and industrial equipments that can sell their products to a larger customer network. The platform offers various features like Unlimited Product Categorization, Seasonal Specific Catalogs, Customer Service centre, Front-End application and much more ..

storicart b2c

Product Features

Our professional team is committed to develop future-proof
solutions for your business.
storicart-b2b-marketplace enterprise

Enterprise Level Design

Storicart is designed to meet enterprise-level needs. Service Oriented design ensures reusability and extensibility.

storicart-b2b-marketplace search engine

Search Engine

Storicart is integrated with Solar Search engine, one of the best search mechanisms in the industry.

storicart-b2b-marketplace SAAS

SAAS Compatible

Storicart is an entirely cloud-based solution. Deployable at the American, European, Australian or Asian region with regards to customer needs.

storicart-b2b-marketplace GDPR

GDPR Compliant

Storicart E-Commerce marketplace has an expert panel of GDPR compliances.



Data is secure and unreachable.



Scalable to handle large volumes of order and configurable


Multi - Purpose

Multi Vendor, Multi Seller, Multi-Catalog support.

Custom built

Custom Built

Storicart is suitable for custom made E-Commerce systems. SOA model ensures a fast and agile development.

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