Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Shopify for Your E-commerce Store

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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Shopify for Your E-commerce Store

Online entrepreneurs may wonder which platform would be best for their e-commerce store. There are several available on the market, but we prefer Shopify as your online store can be set up quickly, it’s ideal for startups and small businesses. Let’s look at the advantages it offers:

Easy to Use 

Even a tech-challenged person can easily use Shopify. It has a short learning curve, and it comes with its own software and hosting. As the best Shopify developer agency, we can quickly train your employees on using it, as well as how to add more products and process orders.

Supports Several Types of Businesses

Many different types of online stores use Shopify to sell their products – physical and digital; you can even do drop-shipping through Shopify. These are the kind of products that are sold most on Shopify stores:

  • Cosmetics
  • Apparel
  • Handicrafts
  • Home needs products
  • Digital products
  • E-books
  • Gift cards
  • Events
  • Online classes

Secure and Reliable

Any online store has sensitive financial information about customers, which means you need to ensure that it doesn’t get breached. You also want your e-commerce store to be fast, and online all the time. Shopify is a hosted solution, so your store will always be online. Maintenance of the server, and necessary upgrades required to ensure round-the-clock availability, are taken care of by Shopify. It also facilitates the quick loading of pages to deliver a good customer experience. At Storilabs we can enable SSL certificates for your store for data encryption, passing it through a secure connection. Shopify also handles PCI compliance when you accept credit cards.

 24/7 Customer Support

As the best Shopify development agency, we offer tech support after your store is launched; but Shopify also offers round-the-clock instant support and can also access their community forums for help. The Help Center offers detailed guides and documents as well.

Mobile Ready

Today, it’s imperative to make your site responsive or mobile-optimized. Shopify themes are all responsive, and it has an inbuilt mobile shopping cart. This way, your store maintains its aesthetic appeal and functions across devices, allowing customers to shop however they prefer.



There are over 150 themes, both free and paid, from which to choose in the Theme Store, and all of them are mobile optimized. You can also choose from the hundreds of themes available on third-party sites. We can edit the code to customize the theme to reflect your brand.

SEO & Marketing tools

Even if you have a beautiful website to sell your products, it in itself cannot guarantee visitors and customers. Your online store has to be optimized for search engine bots. Shopify has multiple SEO features built right into the platform, and that can make your e-commerce store rank higher in search results, helping shoppers find your site quickly. Shopify also provides advanced analytics that will provide information regarding shoppers, like how they found your site, for example. This helps in delivering personalized marketing messages to consumers. As one of the best Shopify development agencies, we can help you with this task. The Shopify app store provides access to a wide range of marketing tools like email marketing, product reviews, social media integration, pay-per-click ads, and so on. We can also create discount codes and gift vouchers, and integrate social media icons. You can also use the Shopify kit to help plan marketing activities. it considers your products, target audience, and the performance of your website.

 Abandoned Cart Recovery

Visitors abandoning shopping carts is very common in e-commerce. They browse the store, get excited about a few products and add them to the cart, and then for some reason, they don’t check the products. Abandoned carts, however, can be recovered with Shopify as it tracks and contacts your site visitors through email to remind them of their incomplete shopping carts. This significantly helps in getting more visitors to complete their cart checkouts, generating more revenue for you.

Own Payment Gateway

There are numerous payment gateways that are integrated with Shopify; however, it has its own payment gateway as well, which means you will not have to pay any transaction fees. The fee on credit cards is also lower, and you don’t require a merchant account to use it.

To Sum Up

Shopify is an excellent platform for small e-commerce entrepreneurs as it is economical, fast, and secure. At Storilabs, we can create an appealing and effective online store for you and take care of all the minute details while you focus on your core business activities. 

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